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The Biggest Pixel 4 Leaks So Far

Google’s Pixel devices have been experiencing its day in the light for a couple of years now. Some reports claim that it's the fastest-growing smartphone in... See more

The Subtle Upgrades of iOS 13 and Why It’s Going to be Important in Apple’s Pivot to Services

Apple fans are ecstatic. New iPhones were just announced with the entry-level version getting a surprising price cut. The plain iPhone 11 is now just $699 for... See more

Android 10 Drops the Dessert, Raises the Bar

Android just dropped the dessert names and stuck to plain numerical nomenclature for their latest OS update. So, this year’s version of Android is officially... See more

Apple’s 2019 iPhone Line-Up Looks to Finish the Job That Last Year’s Phones Left Off

Let’s be honest, last year’s iPhones XS and XS Max didn’t perform quite as well as the Cupertino giant expected. This is evident in how they slashed orders... See more

How the Nintendo Switch Lite is Vying for Handheld Supremacy

Nintendo has been a dominant force in the portable gaming scene for as long as most of us can remember. From the Gameboy, Nintendo 3DS, to the Switch, its... See more

OnePlus 7 Pro is a Flagship Killer Through and Through

OnePlus has grown to become one of the most respected smartphone manufacturers in the world for delivering high-quality devices that undercut the rest of the... See more

The Galaxy Fold is a Proof of Concept Rather Than a Finished Product

Smartphone innovation has been stagnant in the past few years. The processing power department has even seen the lower to mid-range segments close the gap... See more

How to Take Control Of Your Email Inbox

More efficient internet communication tools have come and gone but the email, it seems, is here to stay. In fact, instead of going the way of Yahoo Messenger... See more

Are the New Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL Going to Be the New Mid-range Kings?

Google Pixel smartphones are, no doubt, high-end handsets. The Pixel 3 XL has models that break the 1,000$ price ceiling that’s reserved for the very best... See more

State of Gaming on Apple Computers

Anyone who knows anything about gaming understands that gaming on a MacOS system isn't the ideal scenario. So, if you’re professionally deeply entangled in... See more

Why We Need to Start Talking About Wi-Fi 6

The newest mobile phone releases such as the Galaxy S10 5G, Xiaomi 5G Mi Mix 3 are hyping up 5G connectivity but there’s an arguably more exciting... See more

The Galaxy A80 is A Rare Innovative Mid-Ranger That Doesn’t Just Piggy Back on Flagships

The hole-punch is exciting and all, but make no mistake about it, full-screen bezel-less goodness is still the goal for smartphones. Samsung understands this... See more