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Galaxy Book Ion is Samsung’s Take on the Modern Clamshell Laptop

From their industry-leading smartphones, wearables, and tablets, Samsung’s arsenal of gadgets is almost entirely under the exciting Galaxy name. Their laptops... See more

This $380 Realme X2 Pro is a Legitimate No Compromise Flagship

When you’re presented with a smartphone that’s just as powerful as flagships from the likes of Samsung and Apple yet 50% cheaper, you tend to be sceptical. In... See more

The Razer Blade Stealth 13 2019 is An Unimaginably Thin Gaming Ultrabook

Gaming laptops, aside for their gaming capabilities, are known to be bulky machines. It’s needed because of the added components and for ventilation. Razer... See more

How to Score Tech You Need for a Lot Less Than They’re Advertised

The tech world moves fast. It feels like every other month new handsets are coming out from the countless smartphone manufacturers out there. Each one... See more

Are These New Features of MacOS Catalina Worth the Upgrade?

While it doesn’t come without its shortcomings, MacOS Catalina has arrived with a lot of excitement. It comes loaded with exciting features such as Sidecar... See more

The Rise of Visual Shopping in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

E-commerce has taken over the world of retail. Those who were first to the scene are now considered titans of the information age. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and... See more

Windows 10 vs. Samsung DeX vs. iPad OS: The Hybrid Systems Face-Off

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news lately, you’d know that laptops and tablets have been locked in a weird state of flux. Laptops are trying to... See more

Why the Surface Pro X is a Significant Landmark Product That Might Just Define the Future of Computing

There used to be a non-Pro version of Microsoft’s tablet offerings. So when rumours started to go around that there's an ARM-based Surface on the way, we... See more

Making Sense of the Basic iPad 2019

The entire iPad line right now is in a bit of a disarray. It’s not only that there are a lot of them to choose from. It’s that sub $500 segment is riddled... See more

The ZenBook Pro Duo Looks to Normalize Dual-Screen Laptops

Laptops are exciting again. This is largely due to the current trend of dual screen laptops that are starting to trickle into the market. Most recently,... See more

Surface Neo and Windows 10X Look to Make Perfect Harmony to Give us the Surface Tablet Experience Microsoft Envisions

Surface Pros are tablet-laptop hybrids that tilt significantly towards the laptop side. A lot of its users don’t even use its tablet features. But Microsoft,... See more

The Biggest Leaks About the Surface Devices to Be Launched at Microsoft’s October 2 Event

Microsoft’s current Surface devices started as a pet project for their device chief, Panos Panay. Before he came into the picture, the Surface line was... See more