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New 7th Generation iPad Is a Must-Have!

#Apple has unveiled their latest budget tablet and it's a must-have at a little over $300. It comes with major upgrades such as a bigger screen, Apple pencil... See more

Do You Miss Jack?

I miss having a headphone jack, but not enough to switch phones. Still, some high-end audio purists and heavy gamers might consider making a switch to a... See more

Battle of Wireless Earbuds

Do you agree with their conclusion that essentially the wireless earbuds by Jabra Elite are best because you get good sound at a decent value?

Hands-On Review of Latest MacBook Pro

AppleInsider shares a hands-on look at the latest MacBook Pro. The laptop is speedier than its previous version, but overall it doesn't seem like much of an... See more

All You Need in a Smart Clock?

The Lenovo Smart Clock debuted at CES 2019 and it's finally available for preorder. What do you think of its features? Is this all you need in a smart clock?... See more

Intruders Beware, Alexa Guard is There

Amazon has rolled out a free update that empowers their Alexa-enabled devices with Alexa Guard. It's a home security system of sorts that detects sound and... See more

Tips for Automating with Apple's HomeKit

Apple's HomeKit, and the smart devices that work with it, have sure come a long way since the technology first appeared! This article shows just how home... See more

Garmin Forerunner 945

I think Garmin's watch is meant to be compared to things like Fitbit devices. However, if I didn't already have an Apple Watch I'd go for this one. This watch... See more

Speakers for Immersive Sound

I appreciate that the company offers a 45-day trial! Sometimes the only way to be sure a speaker will work for you is to test it at home since room acoustics... See more

Want to Be Popular? Just Buy Followers.

This article is an expose into the world of becoming Instagram famous. If you want to look popular all you have to do is buy your followers.

NYT Weekly Tech Rundown

Will stockholders be okay with Facebook's latest "plan" to respect privacy? How will the company remain profitable without exploiting user data? I think... See more

Your Data Subsidizes Smart T.V. Prices

If the price of smart televisions today seem to good to be true - well, it's because the television collects your information as you watch. Check if your T.V.... See more