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Addicted to convenience.

We all know the automated home device market is huge, but wow - $75 billion! That's an astronomical amount. By 2025, we should have lots of great new products... See more

Logitech G502 Wireless Mouse is a winner.

They say once you use a gaming mouse, you'll never go back to a regular one. Lots of gamers prefer a wired mouse for maximum response time, but this wireless... See more

Backyard Tech

The backyard is one area of my home I've never thought too much about in terms of which smart home gadgets would be helpful. For those who spend lots of time... See more

New isn't always better.

I'm pretty weary of installing OS updates for this reason. I don't like messing with something that's working just fine. I prefer to update after the patch... See more

Return of the iPhone SE, yet again.

The ever-popular iPhone SE is being put back on sale for a limited time. What is it that makes the iPhone SE model so popular? Is it just the reasonable... See more

Your Facebook password is in plain sight.

While their employees keep repeating, "There is nothing more important to us than protecting people's information" there are just too many stories like this... See more

How long have you had your phone?

According to this article, people are holding onto their phones for longer periods of time. If companies can't manage to entice enough people to upgrade to a... See more

New Xiaomi Gaming Phone

Is anyone familiar with gaming smartphones? Personally, I didn't know they were a thing. I don't play intense games on my phone, but it seems like a good... See more

Rumored Pixel 4 Features

Having a dual sim would be extremely helpful for many people. It's a smart move for them to add the feature. Would you find having two SIM cards useful? Does... See more

No USB-C for iPhones

Apple has decided not to go with USB-C and instead stick with their old Lightning port. I don't even think it's about cost for them, I think they just like... See more

Another blow to Facebook.

Every month or so there's a new story about how Facebook is getting in trouble with a new company. It may seem unimaginable now, but I believe Facebook's days... See more

Bad News For Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg must be mourning his fortune on a daily basis. He keeps losing massive amounts of money. Not that I feel too sorry for the guy, he's still... See more