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Great use of space

I am a big fan of this setup especially because I am into minimalism and this setup makes great use of space on the desk by having the vertical Macbook stand... See more

Are foldable smartphones really smart?

I just don't see the foldable phone thing take off. I understand it is just an idea that these companies have but will it really work? It makes the phones... See more

Skullcandy upping their game

I used to own Skullcandy earphones over 10 years ago but they broke pretty fast. After that I kind of thought of them as more of a trendy product rather than... See more

Sleek looking and not overwhelming

I really like this setup. I feel like it can easily get overwhelming. I am also really liking the price on the chair. I've been looking for one but they all... See more

Solar powered batteries - good or not worth the hassle?

I have been reading about solar powered batteries/generators and I wonder if anyone has any actual first-hand experience? It sounds good but I feel like it... See more

Apple Event October 30 - announcements?

I will definitely be watching, assuming the majority of you will too. What are you most excited to see? I am curious about the Macbooks, even though I am not... See more