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Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

If you want to improve your game consider adding a special controller like the one in the article. The Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is up for preorder... See more

Razer Releases New Budget Gaming Headset

A gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound is quite the bargain at $50. The Kraken X is lightweight and will work with many devices. While I usually prefer... See more

Is VR Gaming Finally Taking Off?

It looks like sales for the game Superhot are on fire. Since the game's sales are 300% higher on the new VR headset Oculus Quest then it sold on the old... See more

Apple Accused of Selling iTunes Data

Apple claims to protect their users' privacy which sets them apart from rival companies like Facebook and Google. However, a lawsuit was recently filed... See more

Sennheiser to Release New High-End Soundbar

Sennheiser's new soundboard, AMBEO, will be released in July, according to reviews, it packs a punch and creates impressive sound in one small soundbar.... See more

How-to Unlock Sansa Stark on GoT Game

This is a detailed guide about how you can unlock Sansa Stark while playing the mobile game, Reigns. If you haven't tried the game yet, give it a look as it's... See more

Will Foldable Laptops Have More Luck?

Lenovo's all-screen laptop protoype has created some buzz. It hasn't been made for consumers to purchase yet, but it's an interesting concept nonetheless.

Don't Get Comfortable Samsung

Despite its ongoing legal tensions in the United States, Huawei is continuing to gain users. The brand has already topped one of its smartphone rivals, Apple,... See more

Need to Return Something from Amazon? Just head to Kohl's.

This partnership seems like a big boon to consumers that shop a lot on Amazon and have easy access to a Kohl's store. Will you take advantage of this option?... See more

Simple Method to Beat Amazon's Add-on Minimum

I think this tip falls into the gray area of ethics so you'll have let your conscience be your guide. I bet Amazon will eventually plug that hole.

Google Stadia Will Make You Forget Consoles

It's refreshing to see something new and innovative in tech for a change. With Google Stadia, gamers can use virtually any of their devices to access triple-A... See more

Gadgets for Work

I was gifted the Ember mug and it's tremendously useful. It's not something I can't live without but it's' a luxury that makes my day go better!