Mark Garham


Colorado native. Like being outdoors. I use GoPro and DJI for most pics and vids.

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Best Headset for Gamers

I used to think that any headset would do. I wasn't picky at all. I quickly realized I'd been missing the immersive experience when I tired my buddy's #HyperX... See more

Gnarbox 2.0

It's the perfect media storage device for #photographers and #videographers who capture the outdoors. I got one when it was featured on #Kickstarter and it's... See more

Better Look over Your Shoulder, Sonos

From the reviews it looks like #Roku's audio lineup is not only #affordable, but the quality of its #smartsoundbar and #subwoofer could give #Sonos a run for... See more

A Cam for the Gram

The #Insta360Go is a tiny #camera that allows you to shoot 30-60 second clips. It has built-in AI that helps you find your best shots so you can upload them... See more

People still Want to Play CDs

Some audio makers have gotten wise to the fact that many music enthusiasts still have their vast CD collection and would like to play them. That means cashing... See more

Any Hope for Galaxy Fold?

Samsung's fans and critics alike are comparing the recent fiasco with the Galaxy Fold with the exploding, burning batteries that haunted the Galaxy Note not... See more

Garmin's Latest Running Watch

Garmin's watches do a fantastic job with physical tracking and if you're a runner, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better brand. According to the review,... See more