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I like new gadgets, restoring old gadgets, and Elvis.

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Playstation 5 News

It's finally here! It feels like I've been waiting forever to hear this news. The haptic feedback and adaptive trigger technology sounds pretty amazing. How... See more

Smach Z debut

This looks like a really advanced Gameboy if you ask me - which is a good thing! It's a bit pricey for the top model, but the price will inevitably go down. I... See more

More news in the Huawei ban saga.

So, Google doesn't want Huawei to be banned because it could force them to create a competitor. Very interesting. When they explain it that way, maybe it... See more

VR sounds exciting again.

Current VR devices and games have always seemed lackluster to me. The devices are too clunky and the games are all in their "Alpha" stage. This review managed... See more

New Leak: OnePlus 7 Pro

The new leak for the OnePlus 7 Pro is pretty enticing. The pop-up and triple-lens cameras sound impressive and I'm interested to see how popular these... See more

Old look, modern sound.

I love the look of these speakers. I'm a huge fan of combining retro style with modern technology. I may be dating myself, but I even remember the "Blown... See more

Netflix for video games.

As we know, Google is releasing a streaming service for video games. This article touches on an important point - are internet connections fast enough to give... See more

High-Tech Hot Tubs

I'm not in the market to purchase a hot tub anytime soon, but it's fun to dream. I especially like the sound of the "Zero Gravity" tub. It seems so relaxing.

Smartphone options you may not have known were out there

Here's a list of lesser known phones that are being debuted on February 25. I'm interested in the Xiaomi Foldable Phone. I'm looking forward to seeing how it... See more

Shifty Stats

The thing that stood out to me when I read this article is how users are referred to as mDAUs – which is short for “monetizable daily active users.” We are... See more

Apple to switch to OLED technology

Apple is ditching LED screens and ushering in OLED in 2020. The change to OLED means new exciting features can be explored such as bending screens. Smartphone... See more