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Did you hear about the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower?

His life must have changed forever after this scandal. Increased scrutiny must have heaped a lot of pressure. He may have become popular, but I guess it... See more

The latest Apple phone flagships

We will have to get used to large screen sizes when talking about the #iPhone and future #Applesmartphone flagship models. Like many enthusiasts, I did not... See more

The choice of a good ebook reader

Some people still love physical books, but the popularity of ebooks has seen a rising number of a variety of ebook readers. I have a bias for Amazon Kindle... See more

Which is your smart speaker of choice?

A few years ago, smart gadgets weren't as popular but now they are the order of the day. If I had the money, I'd go for the Apple HomePod because it is... See more

Where else do you use the two-factor authentication

I only use this extra layer of protection on my Google account because I cringe at the thought of a lot of these online platforms having my phone number... See more

Sony challenging Canon's and Nikon's dominance

Anyone keen on photography will appreciate that this is quite a masterpiece. It will be interesting to see how Nikon and Canon respond to Sony unveiling its... See more

Great deal for a VR kit

It's not everyday that you chance upon such offers and I believe that any gamer will love this. Has anyone had a chance to test this device's capabilities? It... See more

Is this the best gaming laptop yet?

Any gamer will love a device that has powerful desktop-class components plus a 17.3 inch screen, which is very ideal. It makes pure sense to have a laptop... See more

The Lenovo Chromebook offering value for money

Apart from being affordable, this Chromebook is light, has a long battery life and a sleek design. This device seems to tick the important boxes, including... See more

Shutting down is often the default option

Well, the article doesn't make a strong case as to whether shutting down a computer makes a huge difference. There is no reason to leave it on when not in... See more

A restart could solve your recurring problems

I am used to restarting both my smartphone and/or laptop anytime there is sluggish behavior and it is good to hear that it is sort of a standard practice.... See more

A phone with a 48-megapixel camera would probably cost higher

Anyone would expect that a smartphone with such a camera would cost higher than $150. Could it be that this company is trying to make its mark in the market?