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Have you used AirDop before?

Sometime back, a friend requested for a certain document in my possession and I actually went to the trouble of sending it via Email. I just followed the... See more

So the AirPower could still be a reality

Much as it would be great to see this device in the market, Apple should consider increasing the number of iPhones supporting wireless charging, to include... See more

Which is your media player of choice?

Even surpassing 1 billion downloads (in 2012) wasn't a mean fete but despite the huge success, it almost feels like there are better media players that have... See more

Who knew that an obsolete iPad works just fine?

That half of the world's iPads are obsolete is a shocking statistic by all means! All the same, disabling app updates could be Apple's way of encouraging... See more

Online security is now a necessity

The increased frequency of attacks online has made the need to be secure online such a necessity. Again, reliable software don't necessarily need to be bought.... See more

Have you been bitten by the photography bug yet?

We probably agree that photography is not for everyone but there is a chance that it could be a hidden passion in most of us. I remember reading about someone... See more

I was wrong to think that I was an Excel Pro

The tricks explained are based on Microsoft 2010 Excel but interestingly I have stuck with Office 2007 for a long time (I love its simplicity). Going through... See more

Can you be totally secure when browsing the internet?

Every time I read about an application that 'guarantees' total online security, it always looks likes another marketing gimmick. I would assume that a browser... See more

The era of foldable phones is right here with us

I still don't fancy these phones that could soon become popular. Anytime one company has gone against the norm and tried something out the ordinary, other... See more

Apple doing everything to make the event memorable

Sending out an invite with a unique remake of the Apple logo is a brilliant idea and an epitome of creativity. A lot seems to have been put into ensuring that... See more

MacBook sales are on the decline

If there was a rumor that a new product was going to be launched, anyone would most probably halt any purchase plan, awaiting the release. If the company is... See more

Will the price go up after Oct 16th?

I have always loved small-screen laptops so this would be very ideal for me. Do you think it would be ideal to have a keyboard and pen as a package considering... See more