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Expecting Nothing Is Better

I've learned not to expect too much with the experiences from the past. Besides, I'm not that excited to buy a new phone. Does anyone know of any rental phone... See more

Too Expensive For A Pre-Order

I would rather wait for the release of this gaming device because we cannot really predict the quality of electronic products these days. I do hope the PS5... See more

The Rise of The Robots

It won't be too long before robots become humanlike. Alexa and Google interfaces can be used as AI for robots. The robots might respond slowly, but they will... See more

The Rise of the Robots

With this precision and flexibility of the robots, it won't be very long for fast food chains to use robots in preparing the food. As technology progresses, it... See more

Star Trek Console in Real Life

WOW is the right description I can say about this computer rig. It is like they removed the control console of a Star Trek space ship and made it into a smart... See more

iPhone, The Best Android Phone?

I was intrigued by the article and I would like to share this with you all. The writer has a point that Google services have more support for iOS users.

Pick Your Color For Your iPhone Wallet Case

What I like with this leather wallet case is that it has RFID protection in order for unwanted scanning to be blocked. The only problem I have is the new... See more

The Top Underdog

Huawei is becoming a real contender in the world of smartphones. There are so many reviews that praise the low price of Huawei, while being competitive,... See more

Bad News For Small Resellers, Good News For Consumers

I'm on the consumer side of this matter so I like this deal between Apple and Amazon. I may have to buy a new phone here as I'm sure that the product is... See more

Can You Guess What It is?

Like what the article said, it is not that handset that has the problem. It is more on the business side of thing that Apple has been doing. I, for one, think... See more

The All New iPad Pro

It is all new and the old gadgets are not compatible with this brand new device. It has garnered a lot of praises, but it is not friendly to other gadgets that... See more

100% Recycled Aluminum

The author of the article has a point regarding repairability because there are not many authorized Apple service centers. So Apple users will opt for buying a... See more