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Facial Recognition for Home Security

My first response was feeling excited at how amazing the technology is, but the article reminded me of a privacy issue that might arise from this system. How... See more

Happy birthday to the Internet!

I'm not sure what I can do to help create a better digital space, but at least I'll try by not spreading hate speech and take every information with a grain of... See more

A Better Facial Recognition System by LG

LG makes some interesting claims with their new flagship smartphone. In addition to a camera and recognition system better than Apple's FaceID, I'm also... See more

Are you up for some pink laptops?

I think Blade Stealth 13 isn't the first one, but I can't recall any pink laptop in action that looks this good. The limited quantity for Valentine's Day also... See more

What do you think of Apple's new strategy?

For a brand which is mostly known for their premium products, Apple announces quite many cheaper products in the last two years. We end up with the lack of... See more

Do we need new AirPods?

It feels like only yesterday that we saw the release of the first AirPods. I don't think we hear about much complaints about its features, so it feels rather... See more

Are you looking forward to the new MacBook Air?

Which ones of the possible new releases mentioned that you are most interested in? It's MacBook Air for me. I don't think we will see a new version of Mac Mini... See more

Apple to Build Custom Chips for MacBooks

Do you think a self-made processor chip will be a game-changer for Apple's MacBooks? I know that many people love most of the products so far, though I'm not... See more

Do you think screen time limit is effective?

More phones and more applications provide the features of tracking and limiting how much time we spend on them. We also see more articles on how much is enough... See more

Multi-room audio all day long

Can you imagine installing in every room in the house and enjoy music wherever you are for the whole day? It sounds like a worthy investment compared to other... See more

Uber and Flying Taxis

How often do you wish to fly when you're stuck in a traffic jam? This is the invention to answer your wish. It's a wonderful idea, but I think there are still... See more

GoPro Hero7 is the Best GoPro This Far

Do you have a GoPro camera? It's been popular for a while as the most versatile camera; you can bring it for your trip out and in the water, as well as... See more

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