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Trump's ban on Huawei will hurt the US as well

This article points out that Huawei spends $11 billion dollars on components from the US each year. That's a hefty amount of income that will be lost due to... See more

Technology behind the scenes

When you think of how much technology goes into every industry it can be mind boggling. Something as simple as a dehydration unit specially fitted for... See more

Move over VR, seeing may be believing but feeling is experiencing.

People's desire to be immersed in narrative in ever growing ways will never cease to amaze me. When is it too immersive? Which sensations are off limits? Who... See more

Stadia poised to get worse press than new WoW expansions

Part of the bad press associated with Google Stadia is due to sour gamer's grapes. Most gamers that have been around for the last decade can recall at least... See more