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I'm studying to become a nurse. I'm all about tech and online life because they make my life easier and open communication channels.

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Are Amazon's Echo Frames Doomed?

The article points out seven reasons that the #EchoFrames will fail. I agree on one point. It was a bad decision to not make these frames compatible with #iOS... See more

Someone's Getting Spoiled

The creator of this collection surely has every intention of spoiling their gift recipient. They aren't expensive headphones and earbuds, but they sure look... See more

This Browser Extension Enhances Amazon Prime Video

If you ever watch shows on #PrimeVideo you know it's not a an elegant, intuitive platform. #RefinedPrimeVideo is a browser extension that makes it easier to... See more

Petcube 's Latest Have Alexa Built-in

#Petcube's latest two designs join the #IoT as both have #Alexa built-in, allowing them to become #smart #speakers. It's quite the upgrade! There's also a... See more

Feeling Musical?

What an interesting collection of musical technology. I'm not sure which is more appealing, the Specdrums or the automatic guitar tuner. I'm glad I stumbled... See more

Beat the Heat with a Wearable Air Conditioner

It's kind of dorky, right? But maybe during a sever heat wave, you'd be willing to don #Sony's #wearable air conditioner. Maybe it's better to feel cool than... See more

I Can See Why These Are Favorites

Where has that Perfect Bake 2.0 Smart Scale been all my life? I have some clients that this gadget will benefit as they must watch their intake. That's a... See more

Just Scan Your Devices and Apply Updates

#Samsung freaked out #smarthome enthusiasts with their tweet about scanning your #smarttelevision for malware. I'm not giving up #smarttech but this article... See more

Comprehensive VR Buying Guide

This is the most comprehensive buying guide that I've seen for #VR #technology. Who comes out on top? It depends on what you're looking for and what you... See more

Graham Audio Launches New Loudspeaker

#grahamaudio launched a new studio-grade quality #loudspeaker that should please casual listeners and audiophiles alike. Each set of #speakers is made with... See more

Not Your Average Drone

#DJI, one of the top #drone creators, has released a commercial-grade drone called the #STORM that is likely to be a hit with #film studios. It can carry... See more

Find the Perfect Gift for Grads

It's the Verge's roundup of the best gifts to help graduates on the way to their next life adventure. Along with the usual choices, The Verge included some... See more