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Nice choices for PS4

These are basically some of the choices I like to make when it comes to PS4! But considering that I’m still saving money, I will put them on hold. But I... See more

Anyone has used Lenovo before?

I always know Lenovo is a pretty good brand. My circle of friends also like this brand. I just wonder if you guys also like it. I personally think their... See more

Facebook is getting their watermark on Instagram and WhatsApp?

I do understand their purpose of changing the names but it just seems ridiculous to me. People will still just call them Instagram and WhatsApp anyway.

About Apple Watches

Among all the Apple products on the market, Apple Watches are the best products in my opinion. Even if I give up my MacBook Air, I will not give up my watch.... See more

A collection of Star Wars

Absolutely love this collection as a fan of Star Wars. I’m happy that someone has created such a collection here. I like most of the items here. Sadly, my... See more

Thanks for the tips

I like this collection. I agree that a tracker might be a good item to bring along as sometimes when you are out, your phone might not be that reliable.

Nothing better than dropbox

Dropbox is just the way to go. There is nothing better than dropbox in my opinion, when it comes to backing up and storage. I have heard of Trello too but not... See more

Nice keyboard

I'm also wishing that one day I will build my own PC. I like some of the items in this collection, especially the keyboard. It just looks great.

The very smart digital frame

I like the smart digital frame in this collection. I know it has a hand-waving function that you just have to wave your hand when you want to browse the art.... See more

Nice collection of subscription boxes

I always like this kind of subscription boxes. It's like Boxing Day each time when I get a new subscription box. I haven't subscribed any tech products before... See more

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