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Is the launch date gonna be 10 Sept?

All news points to a lackluster next-gen iPhone so I’m not as excited as usual this year. In fact I’m more tempted by Samsung Note 10 but will probably just... See more

Neat compact form PC

It's amazing how much can be achieved these days compared to more than ten years ago when I tried to build a compact HTPC.

Is it worth US$2,500 for simulated surround sound? IMHO, I would much rather go for Naim Mu-So 2.

Apple Pro Display XtremeDR with Xtreme Price

But it is freakishly good and expensive enough to make other typical monitors feel like toys.

Great machine but without Intel i9 and enough screen options.

Cooling should be improved with 2 more fans over Blade 15 model.

Where did you find all these interesting stuff? Frankly I’ve not come across any of them before, I must have been living in a cave.

Can a Bluetooth headphone be this good? I want one.

Just wanting to hear really how good a bluetooth headphone can be and I have a Bose QC35 which I feel is a bit underwhelming in sound quality but is otherwise... See more

PS5 release date

Spoiler alert Q4 2020

Samsung recalling Galaxy Fold back

Huawei P30 Pro teardown shows meticulous engineering and impressive cameras

Too bad Huawei has got a reputation crisis on its hand for surveillance now.

Wired exclusive reveal of Sony Next-Gen PlayStation

Acer launches business Chromebook 714 and 715