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A steal at $3995

This new model may seem expensive, but it's much more affordable than their other models. For a serious photographer or enthusiast, this may be worth the... See more

FedEx refused to deliver a Huawei phone.

This is getting a little ridiculous now. I can't help but feel America is trying to unfairly sabotage Huawei because they're decent competition. When will it... See more

Functional and Affordable!

This neat little laptop rivals a Chromebook in terms of price. It's really handy too. I never would have thought to use the top of the computer in such a way.... See more

A new..CD player?

I realize there are many more options, but it seems odd to me that a new device that plays CDs would be released. Do people actually still use CDs outside of... See more

Keep on keeping on, Samsung!

This device still has a long way to go before being viable for the general population. I still have faith in the Fold! I won't give up on it just yet :)

2019 Razer Blade Pro 17

I'm surprised to read that there's no 4K model. Razer is a brand that prides itself on offering the best of the best and they charge the prices to match. I... See more

Price Drop for Google Home

If you're thinking about getting a new Google Home device, now would be the time to go out and get one. $99 is a really good price!

RV Transformation

I've had a lingering thought for awhile now that travelling across the country in an RV might be really fun...or really terrible! With all these upgrades,... See more

Upgraded charging - finally!

We've all been not-so-patiently waiting for Apple to upgrade iPhone charging capabilities. The day might finally be coming! I really hope they made the right... See more

Enhance your mood through colors.

This is an innovative way to provide some relief for anxiety, depression and other ailments. It's been proven that certain musical tones and colors can help... See more

iPhone 11 Speculation

The rumored features sound interesting. I'm sure everyone would enjoy having a waterproof phone! One of the features the article covers is feeling a vibration... See more

Apple cracking down on apps

While I feel this is likely a reaction to the heightened awareness of users about their online privacy instead of genuine concern, it's a good thing... See more