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Are the movies hidden based on location?

Has anyone of you used these codes before and is there anything illegal about it? For all I know, Netflix movies available to users based on their... See more

Do you always shop on Amazon?

It's been a while since I shopped on this site but I tend to agree that you will almost find everything on Amazon. I have been eyeing The Kindle Paperwhite... See more

Outdoor gadgets

Drones are changing the photography and videography landscape and are almost a must-have in this day and age. Besides, who had an idea that there’s actually a... See more

Great gear for hiking

You know it has been a while since I last hiked but then this post is timely because I could soon be going back to my old hobby. Spending time outdoors really... See more

You can still take great pictures using your phone

I am used to zooming on my phone but now I know better. Have you ever trusted that your smartphone can take really great photos if you pay attention to these... See more

I always use my Smartphone as a hotspot

The internet has become an essential part of our lives and many functions now heavily rely on it. I hardly finish my monthly data allotment but I am thinking... See more

What went wrong with VR?

I somehow agree that its development stalled at some point because by now, we should have had small seamless devices. Does this idea still require more time... See more

Isn't online privacy or a lack of it a major concern now?

You may have nothing to hide but that doesn't mean that a firm somewhere has a right to pry on all you do. Ensuring that your browsing history and cookies are... See more

Which is your favorite smart device?

I hardly knew that these devices existed and my best picks are the smart bed and smart garage door. Who doesn't love being able to analyze the quality of their... See more

10 times faster than 4G

5G is projected to have a maximum speed of 20Gpbs, and this will probably surpass that of wired home connections. Personally, I look forward to no more... See more

We all have experienced slow speeds, haven't we?

Having a slow PC and/or laptop can be disappointing especially when you have to find something else to do as it boots. I love the tip about disabling the... See more

Which is the more superior OS?

A raging debate has been going on for years, putting Windows and Linux at the center of it all. In my view, Windows is more user-friendly when compared to its... See more