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Apple Arcade Rolls Out September 19

#AppleArcade is #Apple's attempt to take on the #gaming subscription model. The new service rolls out on September 19th and it's surprisingly affordable at... See more

A Win for Privacy?

In order to show concern for personal privacy rights, Amazon's Echo Show 5 now comes with a camera cover. It's the first of its kind to do so and is likely... See more

Will DJI Go the Way of Huawei?

Huawei isn't the only Chinese company in question as the Department of Homeland Security suggests caution when buying drones that are made in China.... See more

New Games for Oculus Quest

According to VentureBeat, only one game is over $30, but most games are between $15 and $30 each. There are plenty of free games too. It looks like a great... See more

Coming Soon Sony Xperia 1

Sony is set to release their new high-end flagship phone, Xperia 1, in July. It's taller than most phones and difficult to use with one hand. The screen looks... See more

Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

There are so many great gadgets on the market in this area, that it's tough to determine what will work best for you. Check out this buying guide for tips on... See more

Innoative Gaming Smartphone

I've checked around and pre-orders supposedly start at less than $600. That's not bad when you consider the price of other models and that fact that this... See more

List of Best Doorbell Cameras

I've considered installing a doorbell camera since they first became popular, but it's hard to pick the perfect one. This list makes it easier. Have you... See more

Apple Comes in at #1, Razer at #2 in Tech Support

Apple usually dominates this yearly competition, so it's no surprise that they're in the #1 spot. But take a look at Razer in the #2 spot - that's a huge... See more

Fake Reviews and Online Shopping

This article is a good read, but also a little scary since I buy tons of stuff online through Ebay, Amazon, Boxed, Jet, Chewy, and Petflow. Since you can't see... See more

Facebook to Create Own Digital Coin?

According to the article, Facebook is working to produce its own cryptocoin that will be backed by physical assets which should make its value more stable.... See more

Yikes Password Managers Contain Serious Vulnerabilities

The public has been told for ages by security experts to use a password manager. A new report shows that all the popular password managers contain serious... See more