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If you live in a dorm like this

Could you imagine if you could live in a dorm with such fabulous set-up? I bet I would just stay at the dorm without leaving haha. Though I’m not sure if it’s... See more

The importance of a comfortable workspace

Having a larger screen is always better for working. It’s more effective for organising my tasks. A larger and a wider screen is just what everyone would like... See more

Get prepared for Halloween

Oh right Halloween is quite around the corner right now. The rocking mouldy mommy really surprises me. Makes me wonder which is more scaring in a haunted... See more

Nice gaming room

I like how nice it looks when you put all the things together. This could be a guide for those who like gaming and wish to create a nice gaming environment.

The Black Shark 2 pro

Just sharing it because the phone is pretty fancy. They have also enhanced its touch response. I don’t do gaming a lot, sometimes but not often. I believe... See more

The LED balls are indeed interesting

It is an interesting idea to have some LED balls around you. Though for me I will probably choose some tiny light bulbs instead. But either way, it makes your... See more

A coffee machine

I would also love to own a coffee machine. But the truth is that the machines on the market are usually a bit too expensive to me. Besides, it isn't necessary... See more

Also suitable for travelling

Sometimes when you travel, you might want to walk in the wild if you are a nature lover. If it's the case, these things will do. I just like the idea of using... See more

Huawei's new phones

Personally I haven't used any Huawei products but I heard many good comments from friends who have used them. To be honest, I appreciate how Huawei is trying... See more

Wacom finally releases rechargeable Ink Plus

Making it rechargeable is definitely a good move. I guess no one really likes looking for batteries all the time. As a person who likes drawing, I have been a... See more