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PC Gamers, Check This Out

This is a sweet mechanical keyboard that's sure to appeal to PC Gamers thanks to it's swappable switches and customization options. Way to help me optimize ... See more

Is Game Streaming the Future?

I'm not a huge fan of streaming games under a subscription model instead of buying them outright to play with or without an internet connection. That might be... See more

Osmo Hopes to Smarten up Preschoolers

#Osmo has shifted into making #gadgets to educate children. The Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit works with #iPad and teaches young kids a slew of skills like... See more

What Do You Think About This Kickstarter Campaign?

Backing a #Kickstarter campaign is always risky because there's no guarantee that they'll produce anything. This one is tempting though because these #FPV ... See more

Your Smarthome on the Go

From the article it looks like data hungry devices like security cameras are a no-go when it comes to using your smarthome tech while traveling. There are... See more

Sonos First to Support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Sonos is rolling out the capability to support both Amazon Alexa and Goggle Assistant at the same time. This will make the Sonos One and the Sonos Beam the... See more

A Must Read For Crypto Enthusiasts

The mark of a white paper was supposed to be one of the things that lent to the coins legitimacy. It turns out that many of these are written from scratch by... See more

Blockstack ICO Seeks Exemption

It will be the first ICO of its kind if the SEC grants Blockstack an exemption under Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act. It will still be difficult to shake the... See more

Next-Generation PS5 Is Serious Upgrade

It won't appear in 2019, but Sony's latest console sounds like it's worth the wait. It supports 8K resolution and features backwards compatibility with PS4... See more