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Easy to Follow Chart of CPU Comparisons

It can become confusing when you're trying to decide which CPU is right for you. I couldn't tag every processor, but this chart has them all. It's... See more

Storage for 8TB in Just One PCIe Slot

GIGABYTE took to Twitter to show off its latest storage device. It runs so fast that it comes with its own cooling system. Remarkably, it allows you to fit... See more

New Oculus VR Headsets Coming Soon

Oculus will launch two new headsets in the spring, and this is a useful review of the Oculus Rift S and it's updated sensors. According to the writer and... See more

Eufy RoboVac Gets It Done for Less

I'm all about electronics that get me out of doing housework, so it's nice to see a robot vacuum that is affordably priced. According to the review it gets the... See more

Review of Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the fastest selling game in the Kingdom Heart series. This informative review will tell you why it has been so successful. Are you a... See more

Undue Influence and Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the wild west of advertising and influencers are its stars. Some of them are paid handsomely to market products and services because... See more

New Wearables Coming in 2019

Exciting new wearables are heading our way in the coming year. I'm particularly excited to see how well the WT2 real-time in-ear translator works. Which new... See more

Review of June Oven

The June Oven is part of the IoT and seems to have charmed the reviewer. I'm I the only one who would get nothing done all day because I'd be watching my food... See more

USA Today Lists Top 10 Gadgets

Apple's latest smartwatch came in at number four while the latest Google PIxel came in right after it at number five. The Facebook Portal made the list at... See more

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Large list of gift ideas for $20 or less. I own a couple of the Anker Light Bulbs and they are a bargain! What's your favorite item on the list?