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Amazing Or Crazy Invention

I don't know how to describe this gadget whether it is amazing or crazy. It is amazing because mounting it on the ceiling will give us a different angle of... See more

The Future Is Here

Star Wars vehicles would become a reality with the arrival of these flying cars. Our skies would fill them up soon when these cars become more affordable. I... See more

Turning iPhone Into Digital Microscope

I've seen this one from a social media post and I would like to share it to all who are working with a microscope. It will transform the iPhone into a digital... See more

Who To Believe And Follow?

Is the US claim on Huawei's 5G a political agenda now that the UK stated their report that Huawei's 5G is secure for them? I guess everything now has political... See more

The Wireless Charger for Everyone

The innovation that Apple promised for its AirPower is now being tapped by other companies such as ENERQi. It may be a blessing in disguise for AirPower not to... See more

The Computer Mouse That Doesn't Look Like A Mouse

I love it when inventors would solve everyday problems with simple ideas. This wearable mouse is a must for everyone who uses computers in everyday basis. I... See more

The Fun Way of Teaching Economics

Have you ever thought of teaching your children on how to save money and make it enjoyable for them? This gadget will help our kids to learn how to use their... See more

An Expensive TV With A Cheaper Price

I wonder what made this TV cheaper than its competitors. Do you think Sony, LG, and Panasonic have set a price too high for OLED TV? The price of this TV might... See more

Feed Your Pet Even When You Are Not At Home

I need this gadget because I always have a problem when my family will go away for a trip or a vacation. I always have to find a friend who is willing to take... See more

To Fold Or Not To Fold

This device is a novelty. However, the time of folding it is somewhat similar to the manual folding of clothes. We still have to feed the machine one clothing... See more

The Power Strip We Can Rely On

I never thought that a power outlet can be controlled with an app. I'm always cutting short the charging of my phone when I go out of the house. Now I don't... See more

The Mini Beast

The base configuration is already a good setup. The CPU, memory, and the storage upgrades are not so important as long as you are not a graphic designer or an... See more