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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Launching Soon

Samsung finally joins the 5G generation with the release of this phone. Judging from the experiment told in the article, I don't think we're going to jump to... See more

Upcoming Improvements for the Smart Assistants

I will really appreciate it if we don't have to repeat the word Alexa every time we need it to do something. There are some great updates mentioned here. What... See more

All-Screen Foldable Laptop is Coming 2020

A foldable laptop sounds weird because it is foldable in the first place, but that's what people call it for now. Given the storm of recent Galaxy Fold, does... See more

Portable Projectors Get Even Smaller

The size of BenQ's latest wireless projector is so small that it probably fits in my pocket. They say the image quality is still top-notch, though. I wonder... See more

New iPad Air and iPad Mini 5

Apple has officially released the info for their upcoming tablets this year. Between the iPad Air and iPad Mini, I really don't know how consumers will be able... See more

When Cheap Doesn't Always Mean Low Quality

I enjoy the small surprises I may find in this kind of article once in a while. A portable speaker, a battery pack, and a smart plug are all great budget... See more

Yet Another Smartwatch: Samsung Galaxy Sport

The name is cool, but I can't help wondering what new features it will introduce. Ditching the rotating bezel sounds like a step backward since I imagine it... See more

Over-the-Air Charging

Charging your phone just by standing close to a compatible transmitter sounds amazing, right? Then comes the question about the availability of the said... See more

Are you getting a 5G router soon?

The 5G technology isn't even out yet, but the router is ready for release this year! I guess we're getting the 5G sooner than we thought. I wonder if it will... See more

Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes

It was only a few days ago that I posted about Puma's smart sneakers, and Nike is up for the game as well. The self-lacing concept is weird, though. I'd trade... See more

Smart Sneakers for Athletes

I was actually more surprised by the fact that Puma had released something similar 30 years ago. This chic new version has many great features which I believe... See more

Apple Watch Supports Electrocardiogram

It's a great step forward, but I hope all users remember that it won't replace the real thing we see at the hospitals. What kind of health features do you... See more