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Huawei Announces HarmonyOS

I'd say that making it open source does sound like they want to grow their OS like Android. They probably should start putting it on their devices soon to get... See more

Are brand names important?

I'm probably the one behind here, but many items on this collection come from brands which I've never heard of before. Looking at the trend of branded... See more

Would you like to own a phone with 'waterfall screen'?

Such a cool name. It seems like the curved screens are going to be the next thing. At this point, though, I don't know what I'd do with a screen like that on... See more

The different style of phone cameras

I had just finished watching some videos on Samsung Galaxy A80 where the cameras can rotate to the front and back as we need, and now we have this pop-up... See more

The importance of sound location

The setup looks perfect for all kinds of entertainment (plus one cozy couch)! Is it going to feel very different if the speakers are only at the ground or the... See more

Building our version at home

This is such a cool collection. My husband is a huge gamer, so he wants to set up his desk with similar things. The CPU and screens seem to be the most... See more

Sony WH-1000XM3 in Shape of Earphones

I bet expectations are going to be high on these earbuds. I only hope they deliver as WH-1000XM3 is a very good device. It's coming out soon, so if you're in... See more

Huawei is back with Google and Android.

I suppose Huawei users will be happy with this news as they don't need to worry about their phones anymore. Huawei is big enough that they can probably handle... See more

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Launching Soon

Samsung finally joins the 5G generation with the release of this phone. Judging from the experiment told in the article, I don't think we're going to jump to... See more

Upcoming Improvements for the Smart Assistants

I will really appreciate it if we don't have to repeat the word Alexa every time we need it to do something. There are some great updates mentioned here. What... See more

All-Screen Foldable Laptop is Coming 2020

A foldable laptop sounds weird because it is foldable in the first place, but that's what people call it for now. Given the storm of recent Galaxy Fold, does... See more

Portable Projectors Get Even Smaller

The size of BenQ's latest wireless projector is so small that it probably fits in my pocket. They say the image quality is still top-notch, though. I wonder... See more