I love my life.

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Some worth reading books

There are some books in this collection that seem familiar to me. I know some of them are quite well-known. I used to read some books about financial planning... See more

New tamagotchi

I just can't believe how much tamagotchi has evolved. I still remember when the first generation came out and how many tamagotchis I've owned. I wonder if... See more

Something to decorate your room

Looks like I have found some interesting gadgets to give my sister for her birthday. I think she likes this kind of stuff. She always like having some LED... See more

I think I need an eye massager

My eyes feel weird sometimes, I guess it's because of always working on a laptop like what many people are doing nowadays. The idea of an eye massager seems... See more

Sharing WiFi by using QR codes

Am I just outdated or is this new? I have never heard of it before. But it will be convenient if it's true. I don't even remember what my wifi password is. Is... See more