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Walmart vs. Amazon the Tablet Edition

The two retail titans are set to battle it out in another area. Amazon will soon release an upgraded Fire tablet and Walmart is challenging the company's... See more

Samsung Introduces Budget Fitness Tracker

Samsung's budget fitness tracker is highly affordable at $35 and it does the basics such as monitoring steps and heart rate. However, it doesn't have all the... See more

Bose Tries to Help You Sleep

This is a detailed review of Bose Sleepbuds meant to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. I'm not sure that I could wear these all night, but reviews suggest... See more

Wireless Carries Throttling Firefighters

I just assumed that wireless carriers didn't throttle any of their paying customers during emergencies, but apparently that's not the case. This is unreal! I... See more

Hope to Travel in Peace and Quiet?

These three are supposed to be some of the best active noise-cancelling headphones that are compact enough for travel. You'll never be stuck trying to tune... See more

Ever Ran Tests on Your Smartphone?

Got a problem with your smartphone? Try running its embedded diagnostic tests to sort things out. If you've done this before, let us know how it worked out.

Check Out Bose's New Multifunctional Sunglasses!

Bose has made a bold move by creating classy sunglasses that also act as headphones and can be used to answer phone calls. Bose stepped out of their usual... See more

Pay to Make Email Better?

Do you get gobs of emails a day? Gmail's free email management app is set to expire next month and Outlook is mostly set aside for work email. That leaves paid... See more

Terrorists Livestream Attack

Some terrorists linked to white supremacy ideology and an admiration for Donald Trump, livestreamed their attack on two mosques in New Zealand. Group members... See more

Doogee S90 Modular Phone

Hey, at least this phone tries to be different and innovative. Sadly, it just doesn't come together that well. I'm keen on the idea of modular phones though.

Does This Device Make Navigation Safer?

I would find HUDWAY Glass distracting, but the tech has been used by military pilots and it's supposed to be safer than using your phone to navigate since you... See more

A VPN Protects Our Privacy. Why Do Some Block It?

This article is about why some websites and services block access to their content if you're using a VPN. It also details a few ways to get around it. I... See more