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Are Ready For Another Update?

I have heard some people complain about the updates on their phones. Some of the updates actually messed up the system instead of helping the owner to have... See more

Simple Yet Elegant Home Theater Setup

The quick description about this home theater setup said that "therippa" just bought a home so this setup is new. I like the setup with clean walls because... See more

Delay On The Fold

I'm actually happy with the delay because I don't like what is happening with new releases of mobile phones. The new phones were released with lots of bugs... See more

The Underdog To Watch Out For

One of the things that I would like Google to make in Pixel 4 is that it should be 5G ready. It would attract a lot of buyers as the talk of 5G is getting... See more

The Controversy's Final Outcome, What Will It Be?

This is now a battle of wills. Huawei is creating its own operating system, which I think will deepen the doubt of the US government as they cannot control... See more

Is That A Threat?

This issue is getting out of hand. Is the statement made by Ambassador Grenell a personal opinion or is it what the US government stands for? Whatever the... See more

The New Smartwatch of Samsung

The blood pressure monitor that has been rumored would be a great addition to the features in this smartwatch. My wish would be that a smartwatch one day would... See more

The Brand New Samsung Galaxy S10

The hardware specs will be much faster than its predecessors. However, the price might be too high as it surpasses the price of its main competitor, iPhone. I... See more

Canada VS China on 5G Issue

There is always the fear of security when other countries are supplying the gadgets that will run information in the communication system. I guess the... See more

3D Printing, A Solution To Tomorrow's Health Problems

I'm so much intrigued by what the researchers had done with the rat's spine. If this can be successfully done in humans, then we may see a future where... See more

Best of The Best Smartphones

The smartphone industry is bustling and it won't be quenched as this device is pushing our technology to its limits if there is even a limit to what we can... See more

A Car That Drives itself

This car is the best news regarding the latest technology. I wonder what the traffic police will do when they see this car having no human driver. The future... See more

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