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Salk Signature Sound Loudspeakers

I found a write up about the Salk Signature Sound (try saying that three times fast) flagship loudspeakers. Has anyone tried this brand before? I like the... See more

Major Improvements with Amazon Fire 7 Tablets

Amazon's latest Fire tablets have been upgraded, including the Kids Edition, so consumers get more value for their money. Both tablets have a faster processor... See more

Leica Releases "Special" Edition Camera

Only 150 of the special edition cameras have been made and like many collectibles, each camera has been numbered. If you can't find one don't worry too much... See more

Google's Pixel Line Suffering Lack of Sales

Google's Pixel hasn't sold as well in 2019 as it did this past year. Thanks, in part, to a crowded smartphone field where many manufacturers offer the same... See more

List of Rumored PS5 Games

Rumors abound as to which games will be developed for play on the new PS5 console. It's not hard to predict which creators are likely to produce a new game... See more

Review of Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor

It'll cost you, but Motorola's Halo+ baby monitor will give you an early start towards your helicopter parenting style. Honestly, I can see how this thing... See more

Detailed Review of New Fujifilm XF10

According to the review it's a good camera with a few quirks that make it less than perfect. Although it's priced decently, it's hard for it to compete with... See more

Will Gig Economy Be Tech's Undoing?

Some startups made big bucks by creating tech platforms for people to earn money - Instacart, Uber, TaskRabbit, Lyft - it all rings a bell. These tech... See more

Great Sound, Great Price

CNET reviewed Kali Audio's LP-6 speakers and determined that they offer great sound for a great price. The bass is nice and deep which is something other... See more

Overcoming the Challenges of Learning to Code Alone

Need motivation to learn how to code? This article was written by someone who learned to code by studying on their own. There are some great points made about... See more

Need to Know for Google Home

These are great tips for anyone who is new to using Google Home technology. I'm setting up my Google Home Max right now. It looks fairly easy.

Fortnite's Dance Moves Lead to Lawsuits

Epic Games is being sued by a rapper, an actor, and a YouTube star for incorporating their famous dance moves into Fortnite without their permission and... See more