I am a 14 year old that loves computers and working(money). I have worked hard for this setup, and I have finally built my dream setup(still needs improvement)
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gaming/work station

I've been into computers for a long time, and I have worked a few jobs to get where I am today. I tried to put together my room on the cheaper side, since I didn't have a ton of cash. For the longest time, I have wanted to have my own room, and then about a year ago, my parents decided to buy a house. They ended up buying a giant house since they have been saving for my entire life, and I finally got my own bedroom seperate from my brothers. I immediately started piecing together this room. At first, I didn't have alot of money, so I had a crappy hand-me-down laptop which wasn't very good(Acer Aspire V5). Which I had gotten from my grandma. It didn't run any games, except for minecraft, at like 5-10 fps, so I begged my parents for another laptop. They said they wouldn't buy me a new one, since they were very expensive, so instead they lended me their old laptop, the Lenovo Flex 4. It had served me well, and I had started to build onto this setup. I had next went onto craigslist to start looking for good deals. I immediately found a good couch for free, which I bleached just in case(it was pretty dirty.) Then, I ended up finding a really good table, which came with an alex drawer and a keyboard table, for only 20 bucks. It was a steal. Then, I ended up finding a good deal on craigslist, 40 bucks for a pair of 24 inch monitors, I immediately bought them, and put together my "dream" setup. I then worked alot more jobs and ended up buying myself 2 identical pc's and 10 monitors from an online vendor. I also ended up finding some old rgb lightbulbs laying around in my father's office. I am still in the process of putting this together, as I need an extra 100-200 dollars for more rgb lightsrips to light things up, a headset, and a mouse-pad. Still, with the small budget I had, I ended up putting together this masterpiece, and will be completing my gaming den once I either build, or find another desk, which I can put the remainder of my monitors and pc on.

You can see my progression through the photos

I have used:
(4) 24 inch Lenovo E24-10 IPS monitors(Will be upgrading to a 4k Tv for the top, and 144 hz on the 3 bottom ones)
Lenovo Sk-8827 Keyboard(will upgrade to a better rgb keyboard in future)
Logitech M510 Mouse(will be upgrading to either G502 or Gpro wireless)

CPU: e5 1630 v4
(2)GPU: M2000 Quadros
16 gb ram
500 gb ssd
(I will be upgrading to 32 gb ram, and a 2 tb harddrive)

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this setup is very unique
how so?
I don't think it is, and I'm still working to get enough money to upgrade and personalize my setup