Ended on 2019-12-22

This year, we want to search for the coolest gaming setups for 2019. Our Top Gaming Setup for 2019 contest looks for the best PC-based gaming setups that showcase the entire gaming ecosystem i.e. gaming chair, desk, and headset, etc.

This contest features two ways to win, as outlined below. By entering the contest, you agree to the official contest rules, terms, and conditions.

Begin: 2019-12-01

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End: 2019-12-22

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Top 3 Prizes

First Place: $800 USD

Second Place: $500 USD

Third Place: $300 USD

Participation Prizes:

Ten (10) US Amazon Gift Cards each with value of $40 USD

The Winners

Random Draw Winners

The Ranking

1 A Corner of the World 159
2 Ultimate Minimal Setup 108
3 School and Gaming Setup 94
4 Full Gaming/Workspace 85
5 Andy's Custom Build (Overkill) 71
6 Gaming setup 61
7 Music Production Cave 58
8 Mineral Oil Cooled Threadripper System 57
9 The Ultimate Minimalistic White Setup 51
10 Study room (my secret battelstation) 41
11 The Punisher 40
12 Nature meets tech 28
13 Whitey 26
14 My Game Room 24
15 Gaming & Productivity 21
16 Teen Productivity/Gaming Setup 19
17 Phil's FPS corner 18
18 Gaming setup 15
19 Personal $6000 AUD gaming setup 15
20 Count's Battlestation 15
21 Help a bro out 14
22 Gaming/Streaming SETUP 13
23 Battlestation Eldridge. Gaming & Anime. 12
24 White Falcon 11
25 Colourful Gaming Setup 10
26 A budget setup for a poor teenager 9
27 Simple Gaming Setup 8
28 "Budget" Setup 7
29 PC Setup 7
30 My Current Setup 6
31 Gaming Set Up 5
32 Budget Gaming + Music Production Setup 4
33 Razer Gaming Setup 4
34 Arctic Storm 3
35 Gaming Setup 3
36 Budget PC Gaming Setup 2
37 Home office 2
38 so far 2
39 Home work desk space 1

How to participate?

Participating in this contest is simple. Begin by creating and publishing a qualified setup by following the submission format below. You can enter your setup at any point before voting begins. Vote for your favorite setups for your chance to win a random draw prizes. Better still, enter your setup and vote to increase your chances of winning!

This contest features two ways to win:

Method 1: Be in the Top 3

Each account is limited to entering one setup, and you can enter the contest at any time. However, voting begins on Dec 1st, which means the sooner you enter, the sooner your setup can start receiving votes from the scooget community.

Method 2: Participation Prizes

Of course, not everyone has got a fantastic setup, but that doesn't mean you can't win! By voting on your favorite setups, you will be entered into a random draw for each of the ten $40 USD Amazon gift cards up for grabs!

To qualify for participation prizes, simply vote on at least 5 of your favorite setups entered into the contest and you will stand a chance to win!

Submission Format

  • Complete PC gaming setups only. No photos of just boxes and components.
  • Submit at least four (4) different photos of your complete desk setup with one showing the inside of your PC, and tag all these images each with at least five (5) their associated components, peripherals, chair, monitors, etc.
  • Photos must be high quality and sufficiently bright to see your setup. No collages, please use multiple photos. Low quality and overly dark photos will be disqualified.
  • Place a #contest2019 hashtag under your setup along with other relevant hashtags.
  • Other information or description pertaining to your gaming is allowed in your submission.

Rules / Submission Information

  • All Scooget rules and Terms & Conditions will continue to apply to this contest. See Contest FAQ and Contest Legal Text.
  • Your submission to the contest must be published publicly as Scooget setup with #contest2019 hashtag within Nov 27th 2019 - Dec 22nd 2019 time frame.
  • Your submission must be on your own current complete setup with their associated components, peripherals, monitors and desk.
  • Your submission must follow the above submission format or it will not be eligible for this contest.
  • Setups with #contest2019 hashtag will be in contest mode - no upvotes will be shown.
  • The winner is determined by the most number of upvotes on the setup itself, not on the individual posts under it or anywhere else.