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Kelvin Lee 3 months ago 35 Points
Love nature, but love tech too? Yep that's me. That's why when the time came to build my gaming/work setup, I tried to make the best of both. Because of dad's recent passing, I had decided to move back to my parent's place to give my mom all the support I can. My dad also loved seeing me build stuff, so this build is also a tribute to him. I had never built anything home-related before, so all these is pretty much a first for me. Thankfully there's Google, and I loved how it turned out. This is for you, Dad! The plan ------- I already had lots of tech stuff to move back home, so the plan is just to build this gaming/work cave as cheaply as I can. I try to save and reuse things where possible ( the ceiling and wall panels are all recycled from my old cupboard), but I don't scrimp when it comes to the stuff that I feel matter. I outline the plan for each section here. details can be found when you click on the tags. Theme ------- I was planning to start with a minimalist theme, but I realised that wouldn't be practical with the amount of work I needed to do, the surround sound system I am setting up, and the sound absorption and diffusion I would need. Hence the decision to make a nature/cozy theme. I love nature, and keep a few pets I needed tanks for. So I ended up with the idea of mounting the PC to an alcove in my room, placing a few tanks around, and filling the rest with fake plants. The plants are mounted on a foam backing, which I crafted such that there are air channels for both the PC and pets. Audio ------- The end goal is to create a system that would play music on stereo well, and provide complete 5.1 surround immersion for games/movies. With some extra foliage, I managed to hide the rear surround speakers in the Kallax shelves for extra cleaniness points! The design of the room is to minimise flat surfaces as much as possible to break up standing waves while keeping a clean look. PC ------- My daily workhorse provides enough computing power for my daily work as a web developer, while still being able to run most modern games at 80-100fps on ultra. I wished I had gone for a custom loop at the start, but it's my first build and I wasn't confident. Standing desk ------- A standing desk is something I always wanted. With the long hours I work, sitting too much is just bad for my back. A standing desk is a godsend when it comes to preventing back pain. I bought the frame and got the tabletop custom-made in 200cm x 80cm to fit my needs.
Steve 4 months ago 17 Points
Powered by red and green, orange and blue. This setup is controlled by a Ryzen 5 3400G and supported by an RTX 2070 Strix. An excellent gaming machine, and an exceptional school desktop.
Stay productive in the comfort of your home
Theory96 2 days ago 1 Point
Fortunate enough to work from home with this setup. This is the latest version of my setup that I have been updating slightly each year since it was built in 2017. i5 7500 x GTX 1070 https://www.instagram.com/theory_96/
MatsPats 3 months ago 1 Point
This setup is built for gaming and work, we have home school because of corona.
Cinema without leaving home
Yohann. P Yesterday 1 Point
Bed room but also gaming room and home theater
Mark 9 months ago 1 Point
Reddit User Craeque's home theater that has been a work in progress for 5 years and will continue to be. 5.1.2 Surround Sound System #hometheater #dolby #dolbyatmos #home #reddit #dali #sony

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